Heralding a change in the industry

Officetex was created by a group of like-minded people who once worked for large corporations in the document and print service who believed they could improve on what the industry was offering. In particular, they wanted to transform service levels and develop a business model which had customer retention at its core whilst encompassing the best range of colour or mono multi-functional photocopiers and office printers, consumables and technicians.

With their sights set on providing the same quality products and services as the multi-million dollar larger corporations except at a fraction of the price Officetex was born. While large corporation’s loyalty always remains with their shareholders first, we work entirely independently to deliver a cost-effective printing solution that is tailored to suit your business. Whether you are looking for a photocopier technician, to purchase a new or refurbished printer, multi-functional photocopier or plotter, or looking to buy consumables we will work tirelessly to provide prompt, efficient and honest service with an ongoing commitment to ensuring the customer is consistently getting great value for money.

Officetex in the community

A key part of our commitment to the community is our sponsorship partner program. With the energetic support of our employees, we have built a strong relationship with The Waratah Centre providing full sponsorship for their required printing services. In hope to help the disadvantaged youth of our community.