Step 1 : Talk To Us

Contact us to start the discussion about what type of printers or photocopiers may be suitable for your office. We can arrange a face-to-face meeting or send through a proposal to get the best solution for you.

Step 2 : Get A Quote

We’ll provide a few quotes on photocopier models that we think are the right fit for you. We include flexible payment options to suit your office’s budget.

Step 3 : Purchasing Your Photocopier

Choose your preferred model and payment option. We’ll confirm availability of stock and book an appropriate date to deliver your new photocopier or printer

Step 4 : Installing Your New Photocopier

Our technicians will deliver and Install your new or refurbished photocopier or printer. Your model will be integrated with the office network and tested before a handover is done. If need be we can supply an IT consultant to set it up to the network and enable the scan to email, printing capability.

Step 5: Final handover and walk-through

Our technicians will walk you through the photocopier’s basic functions before a final handover. And you’re ready to go!