multipurpose Xerox C2271 photocopier

DocuCentre V C3375

The efficiency of the DocuCentre V C3375 stems from the revolutionary innovation of Fuji Xerox. Powered by the industry’s first built-in Face Recognition technology, it provides unparalleled protection and an added level of security to your confidential documents, thereby preventing unauthorised access.

The detection camera also tracks human motion. With the help of this sophisticated technology, it analyses the direction to which an individual’s toes are pointing and other minute details. It then smartly deciphers whether the individual wants to use the copier, avoiding accidental awakening; Making it convenient, easy to use and power-efficient like no other copier.

  • Capable of fast printing at a speed of 35 Pages Per Minute.
  • The Digitally Enhanced Lighting Control Imaging System built-in provides for an incredibly high resolution output of 1,200 x 2,400 dpi. This is far superior to the print quality of a laser raster output scanner system. The LED print head technology enables a small form-factor, while avoiding excessive heating and a greater energy efficiency.
  • There is no waiting time with this smart copier, as it takes less than 2 seconds to produce the first print. There is no setup operation involved in the print routine and you won’t have to bear with delays.
  • Drawing from the revolutionary engineering of Xerox’s DocuCentre series, the C3375 Reduces power consumption and CO2 emissions drastically by segregating the device into four sections based on function, namely: “scanner,” “control panel,” “output device,” and “controller,”. By this systematic division, the copier’s smart Print Controller activates only those sections that are to be used for a current function. Moreover, by this segregation noise emission is reduced significantly, keeping your office environment tranquil and conducive to productivity.
  • The Induction Heating Fusing technology does away with the need to preheat the fusing unit, thereby, minimising power consumption when the machine is on standby.
  • By supporting a large number of Paper Weights, ranging from 52gsm up to 300gsm, it keeps your workflow extremely versatile and flexible.
  • Now carry out the most demanding print jobs effortlessly from mobile devices using Google’s CloudPrint, Apple’s AirPrint and many other industry standard printing apps.
  • Print Speed of 35 PPM
  • Black & White and Colour
  • 4 GB Inbuilt system memory
  • Built in 160 GB Hard Disk Drive
  • Supports Paper Formats from A5 up to SR-A3
  • Duplex Document Feeder
  • Paper Weight ranging from 52-300 gsm
  • Desktop, Server and USB compatible