multipurpose OKI ES7470 photocopier

OKI ES7470

The OKI ES 7470 MFP takes the connectivity wireless printing and control of print routines to a whole new level. Targeted at workflows that need the added mobility and flexibility,  the embedded open platform sXP (smart Extendable Platform) is designed to control the function of your copier all in one place. Its wireless capabilities also provide for seamless collaborative working, as it is compatible with 3rd party software for a better network integration.

The advanced DLED technology used makes it an extremely robust and reliable copier, with minimal maintenance costs in the long run. 

  • The OKI ES 7470 MFP provides the best-in-class user authentication solution, preventing unauthorised access and protects confidential data. User access regulations and permissions can be configured as per requirement, allowing for an extremely secure user experience. The print jobs carried out are encrypted and an entry PIN is required to carry out any task on the copier. Moreover, the SNMPv3 authentication provides for a more secure collaborative and networking experience. 
  • The powerful 1.2 Ghz processor is capable of sailing through even the most complex print tasks and allows for more efficient multi-tasking and document management 
  • The 9” (23 cm) LCD touch sensitive panel is intuitive, with large icons and a tablet-like user interface. Its functioning is also highly customisable and can be configured to suit any needs. 
  • The reputed OKI high capacity toners that can be used with this copier provide for incredible image quality, with high amount of detail, balanced contrast, precision and colour accuracy. The Toner Saving setting built into its software allows for a smart allocation of ink where it is necessary. Documents, drafts and other material that needs lesser ink usage can be configured to use less ink, thereby increasing toner life tremendously. 
  • The sophisticated DLED technology makes this copier a durable and reliable device. With lesser motorised parts, it has significantly lower maintenance costs and breakdowns in the long run. However, the DLED technology further raises the bar by providing excellent image quality that is comparable or even better than some laser printers. The LED scanning option is capable of yielding 40 originals per minute (40 OPM)
  • Its Deep Sleep mode is extremely power-efficient, using only 2W.
  • Print Speed of 40 PPM
  • Warm up time of 60 seconds
  • Copy Resolution of 600 dpi
  • Multi-copy capable upto 1-999
  • Automatic Duplex Printing
  • Supports Paper Formats from A4 – C5 (full-bleed), customised paper sizes and banner printing capabilities
  • 64 – 250 gsm Paper Weight compatible
  • Auto-zooming upto 25% – 400%
  • Print Resolution of 1200 x 600
  • Multiple Platform support including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • 2 GB Built-in System Memory
  • 160 GB Built-in High Performance Secure Hard Disk Space
  • Desktop, Server and USB compatible
  • Super G3 Fax Compatible
  • Power Consumption is lesser than 1.5 kW
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 67.5cm x 52.2cm x 60.4cm
  • Weight: Approx. 50 kg