multipurpose OKI LP1040 photocopier

OKI LP-1040

The OKI LP-1040 is the ideal solution for professional workspaces that deal heavily with CAD projects, reprographics and complicated and intricate blue-prints. Its sturdy and ergonomic design make it extremely durable and a copier of choice for many professional workflows globally. The tried and tested LED exposure technology ensures that there are as few moving parts as possible. This increases the lifespan of the copier tremendously.

Moreover, LED technology is known to be extremely ink-efficient and have a low maintenance cost in the long run. This makes it an extremely cost-effective copier and a worthwhile investment. 

  • Powered by an Industry-leading ultra-fast LED engine, the OKI LP-1040 offers extremely fast print speeds and highly efficient multitasking capabilities and parallel processing.
  • There is no room for delays with this efficient copier. It undertakes one print routine while another is being processed and loaded in the background. This ensures that your work is in continuous flow.
  • Cost-effectiveness is a key factor in choosing a professional reprographic copier. OKI’s smart engineering utilises innovative technologies and a highly efficient toner to deliver unparalleled speed and image density. This brings cost per square foot significantly low.
  • Scanning is extremely fast and efficient, with the capacity to scan 9.4” per second, even at 600 dpi high-density output. The efficient dual-light CIS scanning sensor system improves scanning quality of any document, even those with folds, creases and wrinkles. 
  • All controls and paper functions are managed from the front, with an 8.5″ color touchscreen that displays scanned images for ease of use. The Inbuilt Panel is extremely intuitive and configurable. You can have full access to all aspects of the print job from the front panel.  Scanning and copying functions including scanning to Job Boxes on the hard drive or scanning to PDF files. These files can then be systematically backed up to 100 shared network folders with unmatched security and privacy capabilities.
  • This copier is extremely compact than other models in the market. (Up to 40% smaller). This saves a lot of precious office space and makes your office workflow more mobile and free. 
  • OKI values customer experience. By bringing the industry’s first and only user-replaceable process cartridge and power supply wire: Owners can now change the entire process cartridge/drum and charge wire at any time by themselves, thereby significantly reducing emergency service calls, mountainous expenses, lags in workflows and delays in schedules.
  • Electrophotographic Technology 
  • LED exposure
  • Single component type dry development 
  • OPC drum
  • Output Resolution: 600 dpi x 600 dpi
  • Maximum Print Width: 91.4cm
  • Minimum Print Width: 27.9cm
  • Maximum Scan Width: 91.4 cm 
  • Minimum Scan Width: 18.2cm 
  • Maximum Scanning Length: 32 Feet (10 meters)3
  • Built-in 512MB system memory
  • Maximum Paper Feed: 2 Rolls (up to 91 cm wide)
  • 320 GB hard disk drive (configurable)
  • Multiple Platform support including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Power Consumption is lesser than 1.45 kW
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 120cm x 60.5cm x 114.5cm
  • Weight: 205 kg