multipurpose OKI LP2060 photocopier

OKI LP-2060

The OKI LP-2060 is the ultimate flagship copier for professional architectural, construction and engineering workspaces. Since these workflows require heavy-duty copiers that have a low operating cost and low maintenance cost in the long run, OKI has designed this copier to work with the revolutionary

Electrophotographic Technology that uses LED exposure to scan and copy efficiently. This ensures that there are as few moving parts as possible and increases the lifespan of the copier tremendously. Owing to its extremely small footprint, the LP-2060 can operate in very small workspaces. With all controls readily available in the front panel, it makes operation extremely easy.

  • The two proprietary drawers of the LP-2060 can hold upto four full-size 36″ (914mm) wide rolls. Standard papers and films can all be loaded together or load four rolls of the same paper can be loaded at once. The sensor fitted into the tray automatically indicates shortage of the appropriate paper size and width of the roll, thereby eliminating manual refill of rolls and sheets. This increases the speed of printing and overall efficiency of workflow. Powered by an Industry’s first ultra-fast LED engine, it offers extremely fast print speeds, making high-volume print routines possible in a matter of minutes.
  • Thanks to the revolutionary dual-light CIS scanning system, scanning black and white and color documents at a high resolution of 600 dpi high-density output is made possible at a speed of 9.4” per second. Even if your document has wrinkles, creases or folds, it can accurately and automatically provide realistic copies. 
  • With the Front Panel you can have full control over all scanning and copying functions including scanning and saving files to Job Boxes or on the hard drive. Scanning and exporting to PDF files is also made possible. Files can also be stored in upto 100 shared network folders.
  • This smart copier can also undertake one print routine while another is being processed and loaded in the background. This ensures that your work is in continuous flow.
  • OKI’s smart innovation utilises best-in-class technologies and one of the most ink-efficient toners to deliver unmatched speed and image density. The cost per square foot is thus significantly lowered.
  • With an 8.5″ color touchscreen, you can have full access to all steps of the print task from the front panel.  The colour panel provides for a more intuitive and user friendly interface.
  • Electrophotographic Technology 
  • LED exposure
  • Single component type dry development 
  • OPC drum
  • Output Resolution: 600 dpi x 600 dpi
  • Maximum Print Width: 91.4cm
  • Minimum Print Width: 27.9cm
  • Maximum Scan Width: 91.4 cm 
  • Minimum Scan Width: 21cm 
  • Scan Speed upto 9.4” per second
  • Maximum Scanning Length: 49 Feet (15 meters)3
  • Built-in 512MB system memory
  • Maximum Paper Feed: 4 Rolls (up to 91 cm wide)
  • Inbuilt 2GB system memory
  • 320 GB hard disk drive (configurable)
  • Multiple Platform support including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Power Consumption is lesser than 1.45 kW
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 120cm x 64cm x 120cm
  • Weight: 250 kg