multipurpose Xerox CM405 photocopier

Xerox DocuPrint CM405

The Xerox DocuPrint CM405 is a powerful, toner-efficient copier that yields prints with stunning image quality, at a fraction of the price. Being a desktop copier, it optimises your expensive office workspace by occupying minimal space. Moreover, it keeps printed documents at literally an arm’s reach away.

The revolutionary high yield toner used in this copier, coupled with an efficient ink saving mode, optimises the level of ink used, providing for a level of customisation over contrast and brightness of printed material like never before. Targeted at offices with medium-volume print routines, it is capable of getting documents printed at a speed of 35 PPM.

  • The Xerox DocuPrint CM405 is capable of printing 35 single-sided documents per minute single sided and 23 double-sided documents per minute. The advanced EA-Eco Toner, guarantees high quality prints at a resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi.
  • For workflows involving copier usage by different employees, Fuji Xerox’s innovative Auditron feature allows configuration of specific print settings to particular users, thereby facilitating and easing print management.
  • This smart copier comes with a built-in CentreWare Internet Service technology that enables it to automatically mail status reports to authorised administrators. By doing this, it draws attention to important notifications, such as low power supply levels, low toner levels etc., this further maximises work efficiency.
  • Even if colour toners run out during a print routine, the CM405 can automatically switch to the monochrome toner and keep the print job running and active.
  • The EA toner (Emulsion Aggregation) Toner fuses paper at a much lower temperature than otherwise required, so the copier doesn’t have to warm up as much. This cuts down CO2 emission by a remarkable 20%, resulting in a healthier work environment and far lesser power consumption.
  • Certified by the Internal Energy Star label, it reduces the emission of greenhouse gases significantly.
  • The Built-in Secure Print functionality makes it possible to lock the print tray, keeping confidential documents away from unauthorised access.
  • The Automatic Duplex Feeder saves precious time and effort by automatically feeding paper into the print drum, not requiring manual feeding.
  • The Ultra-fast Gigabit Ethernet cable provides for faster communication and connectivity between your computer and copier, decreasing lags and increasing print speeds.
  • Print Speed of 35 PPM
  • Black & White and Colour
  • 2 GB of In-built system memory
  • Built in 160 GB Hard Disk Drive
  • Supports Paper Formats A4, B4, A5, C5, B5.
  • Duplex Document Feeder
  • Paper Weight ranging from 60-220 gsm
  • Colour Scan and Email capable
  • Super G3 Fax Capable
  • Desktop, Server and USB compatible